Ten Thoughts on Passover

1. Pesach/Passover is the story of liberation. If you only tell the tale and don’t live the liberation you are missing the point.

2. Egypt in Hebrew is Mitzrayyim, the Narrow Places. It is not a state but a state of mind. Where are you enslaved this Passover?

3. Tonight we sing, “Once we were slaves, now we are free.” Before you sing this, see if it is true. What does it mean to be free?

4. Pharaoh is both a person and an archetype. Just as we are all Hebrews enslaved to something, we are all Pharaohs enslaving others. This week see where you are playing Pharaoh.

5. Moses is our capacity to speak truth to power, to challenge the narcissism of Pharaoh with the justice and compassion of God. Tonight is a time for assessing your MQ, you Moses Quotient.

6. Moses learns that God is Ehyeh asher Ehyeh, not “I am what I am,” but “I am what is happening.” God is all reality. Knowing this is the greatest liberation.

7. God hardens Pharaoh’s heart only after Pharaoh himself does so. This is Torah-speak for the power of habit to lock us into evil even when we know better.

8. The plagues are a consequence of oppression. Look to see where you are playing Pharaoh and what it is costing you and those you love.

9. Passover shows the power of being God over the power of playing god. You are God and you play god. Passover is a time for realizing the former and putting an end to the latter.

10. Tonight we sing Dayyenu, “It is enough.” This week go through your possessions & free yourself from everything that is more than enough. And do something to help those who do not have enough to move toward having enough.

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