Ten Thoughts for Easter Sunday

1. For many Christians, Easter is an historical fact. For me Easter is a two–fold spiritual truth.

2. The first truth of Easter, the meaning of the empty tomb, is that death cannot kill the ideals of justice and compassion.

3. The second truth of Easter, the meaning of the resurrected Christ, is that humans have the capacity to become one with God and realize their innate divinity.

4. Jesus is not the only Jew to become divine. Enoch is taken into Heaven (Gen 5:24) and becomes the archangel Metatron.

5. The transformation of Jesus and Enoch into divine beings speak to the human capacity for divine awakening and realization.

6. On Good Friday Jesus says, “Take up your cross and follow me.” On Easter Sunday he says, “Don’t stop at the cross, follow me to Godhood!”

7. For many, worshipping Jesus as Christ is enough. For me only realizing the mind that was in Jesus will suffice. (Philippians 2:5)

8. I am a Christian in that I find truth in the stories and teachings of Jesus. In the same way I am a Jew, a Hindu, a Moslem, and a Buddhist.

9. I am not a Christian in that I cannot read the stories about Jesus as history. In the same way I am not a Jew, a Hindu, a Moslem, or a Buddhist.

10. There were no Christians during the lifetime of Jesus. Only Jews who loved him, Jews who hated him, and the vast majority of Jews who never heard of him.


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