Onward Christian Soldiers

Imagine Israel’s response to Muslims beheading dozens of Jews. Or to Muslims attacking a college, isolating the Jewish students, and then executing them. Or to Muslims tossing Jews off a ship to drown. Or to Muslims bombing Jewish villages. Well you don’t have to imagine the last two as these actually happened, but my guess is that Israel would take it upon herself to defend Jews as best she could through military options and/or facilitated immigration to Israel.

So why is there no such response in the Christian world when just such things are happening to Christians around the globe? True, the only Christian State left is the Vatican, and the chances of the Swiss Guard taking on ISIS is pretty slim, but what about the United States?

Millions of Americans believe that ours is a Christian Nation. Why don’t they rise up in defense of their fellow Christians around the world? Why don’t they establish a paramilitary force, a Christian Foreign Legion if you like, devoted to making war against those who make war on Christians? Thousands of Americans belong to Christian militias, why don’t they ship themselves overseas and fight the real enemies of Christ? If Mormons can send thousands of missionaries around the world to make converts, why can’t the rest of the Protestant world train and deploy millions of their sons and daughters to save their fellow Christians?

For a religion so aligned with God, guns, grits, and gravy to be unable to come to the defense of their coreligionists is appalling. The real threat to Christianity isn’t abortion, evolution, marriage equality, Social Security, Obamacare, or the platitude “Happy Holidays.” The real threat to Christianity is that it is all talk and no action. Constantine is turning over in his grave, and Jesus would be also if he hadn’t left his on the third day. Churches are being destroyed and Christians are being murdered, and all you can do is worry about is catering a gay wedding? How sad is that?

Onward, Christian soldiers!


  1. Agnes Dippner says

    It seems to me that Jews identify with other Jews. Do Christians identify with other Christians ? Maybe less …

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