Spiritual Styles

Mandala_300x295Just as people differ in their learning styles—visual, auditory, sensory, verbal, and logical—so people differ in their spiritual styles as well. As you explore the five existential questions (the 5 Q’s), and explore the Texts, Teachers, Traditions, and Techniques of the world’s many wisdom traditions (the 4 T’s), it may help to know your spiritual style. To determine your style, we suggest you turn to the Mandala created by our friend Ed Bastian.

SI-Intersp-Meditation-book-cover-150x215Ed holds a Ph.D. in Buddhist Studies and is the founder and president of Spiritual Paths Foundation. He developed the Spiritual Paths Mandala process after forty years of research, study, and teaching, and in consultation with over fifty esteemed teachers from Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Taoism, and Native American traditions. He is the author of InterSpiritual Meditation, and has made documentaries on religion for the BBC and PBS.

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