Just Too God to be True*

“God does everything for me. No, seriously, everything. I have no idea what’s best for me but God does and that’s why everything that happens to me happens because God is taking care of me. Don’t you agree with that?”

No, I don’t. First, nothing happens to you. You are what is happening. You are not apart from life so that life happens to you, you are a part of life and life happens with you, in you, through you, as you.

Second, the reason you have no idea what is best for you is because there is no “best.” “Best” implies there is some plan you are to follow, some “you” you have to become. But there is no plan and no you other than the you happening at this moment, a you that is transient and the product of infinite causes that are themselves the product of infinite causes.

Third, your theology makes God irrelevant. Your God is merely a deus ex machina, a ghost in the machinery of your material existence.

And finally, your theology leaves you passive, morally empty, while at the same time highly narcissistic. God is running the entire universe for your benefit?

“Excuse me! Don’t you think you’re being a bit rude interrupting me like this? I wasn’t talking to you!”

Of course. How rude of me. Sorry. It wasn’t my fault, of course, God just needed you to hear what I had to say.

* Conversation I had when I butted in on someone else’s conversation about God in Boston’s Logan International Airport.


  1. Agnes Dippner says

    These are two interesting possibilities of thinking. Here is another one, my one: Every day I am waiting for the Messiah, for Jesus, for God, for the Holy Spirit; at least I try. That means I am waiting every day for God’s wisdom, patience and courage. Otherwise I would act out my own fear or prejudices. Sometimes it feels as if God is happening in me, through me and in spite of me.

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